i want to be as transparent with you as i can. as i've addressed here already, each euro i get paid will help me in maintaining a reasonable and comfortable way of living without feeling exhausted from overworking yet still not getting any salary. here's exactly where your money will go:

what i need:

this is a list of products i am lacking at the moment. of course, i am able to survive without them, but life would be way easier if i had them around! ranked by how much i need each item. 

x = i could already buy the needed item, thanks to you sweethearts

summer shoes (i only have one pair of shoes that are comfortable to wear on daily basis and they're pretty warm and chunky)

x summer (bomber) jacket (my old one ripped a year ago : ( )

x washable cosmetic pads (no more waste, baby)

x reusable water bottle (i lost my old one : ( )

weirdass goth black cloak/kimono (my fave one has tons of holes from clothes moths now, mehhh)

x extra set of bedsheets (i only have one so whenever i wash them i have to sleep without covers till they're dry/i could really use an extra one when guests are over)

sneakers (again, i have one pair of comfortable shoes, and they're on a platform. my feet deserve something nice and cozy, right?)

x mirror (a small one for my room. right now i'm using my laptop webcam whenever i want to straighten my hair and it sucks)

what i sometimes buy to cheer myself up:

sometimes, i feel sad and lonely and like everything in my life sucks. to cheer myself up, i invest in little things that make me happy. yes, materialist world, capitalism, blah, blah, blah – that's just the way we are brought up by our society and i'm not gonna pretend i'm different. so, even if you chip in a small amount of money, you can make my day(s) way better by allowing me to get one of the following items when i feel shitty.

fresh flowers

– new plants

– candles

– thrifted dinnerware

– albums of iTunes/Bandcamp

– occasional dinner out; most likely a Vietnamese glass noodle salad or a vegan döner

– second hand clothes from Humana

– magazines from homeless people selling them on the ubahn/buying them food etc.

– a fortune cookie

– frozen vegan pizza from Lidl