🌸 Which t-shirts do you use?
I mainly use Sol's Imperial t-shirts, which is an eco-friendly brand with multiple certificates, such as OEKO TEX, FAIR WEAR, ISO, REACH, ORGANIC 100.
For lavender t-shirts, I use Gildan Ultra Cotton. For hoodies, I use Gildan Heavy Blend.

🌸 Where are the t-shirts printed, and how?
All t-shirts are printed at Black Ink in Berlin, a small, queer-friendly studio. They are printed with eco ink. I usually pick them up in person and transport them via public transport to reduce the carbon footprint of them being shipped.


🌸 How are the orders packed?
For most orders within Germany, I use baby pink plastic mailer bags that can later be recycled. For bigger orders or international orders, I usually use the standard DHL package boxes, which are bright yellow, in sizes XS to M. Sometimes I reuse boxes from orders I've received myself to reuse-reduce-recycle. I use a paper-based, recycled, and eco-friendly packing tape. I do not add any extra stickers or decor on the outside, as I believe that is costly and most likely ends up getting thrown away anyway. Instead, you get a sticker inside for free that you can use however youy like! : )

🌸 Which company do you ship the orders with?
Deutsche Post/DHL (from Berlin). All prices are based on the current DHL shipping pricelist. If possible, I add carbon offseting/eco-friendly option.

🌸 Can I track my package?
Yes! All orders are sent with tracking.

🌸 What happens if I never get my package?
Feel free to email me and we will sort it out. If it gets returned to me, I will resend it or refund you your money (minus the shipping, depending on the situation).

🌸 Can I pick my order in person?
Yes, if you are in Berlin! Just use code "meetup" at the checkout for free shipping, and I will email you about possible time/place for the pick up! I also regularly sell at markets, so check out the "Buy it IRL" for the nearest one.


🌸 Can I return my order if it doesn’t fit or I don’t like it?
Yes, of course! Just email me and we can sort out a return of the product that doesn't fit you, and me sending you the correct one. However, you will only be refunded for the product, not for the shipping.